VML-Technologies is a highly specialized company providing world-leading consultancy, design and manufacturing services for even the most challenging LED Media Façade, Mediatecture and LED lighting projects. We collaborate closely with architects, lighting designers and construction engineers, to specify and design LED display and lighting solutions which facilitate the design and realisation of the unique projects of their clients.

In addition to a stunningly high quality technical solution, most of our clients also expect their LED Media Façade system to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of the building architecture. Where it becomes clear from the design brief that a standard solution is insufficient, VML-Technologies can also offer the required custom product-design, prototyping and manufacturing to deliver a tailor-made solution which preserves the unique design of the building.

Our team's extensive industry and technology knowledge, product design and consultancy experience together with the proven Lattice technology platform allow us to provide premium quality, highly reliable, LED display and lighting solutions for the most demanding projects. Our aim is to surpass our client expectations in terms of performance, reliability, cost of ownership, lifetime and maintainability.

The headquarters of VML-Technologies comprises offices and a state of the art demonstration facility known as the "VML-Lab". The VML-Lab features numerous prototypes of media façade systems, which have been developed in close cooperation with architects and lighting designers for recent clients.