LED video louvers for Abu Dhabi airport presented to KPF architects

AbDab-News-132010/07/20   A delegation of KPF architects visited the VML-Lab in Eindhoven to finally see the mock-up of the custom designed LED louvers system which is specially developed to cover a projected area of nearly 10.000 sqm of façade in the interior of the newly build Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Complex development.

Since the Abu Dhabi International Airport project is guided by several environmental objectives, including site-wide energy management including low-energy lighting, daylighting, passive shading and use of high-quality, durable materials the design brief for the development held various challenges. For the development, VML-Technologies have worked closely together with UK based Par Louvre Systems from Bridport, Dorset. Tony Colborne, Managing Director at Parlouvers comments "It was a very inspiring cooperation. In a very open setting the design engineers have been able to work out a feasible system solution based on a blend of the existing 'Eco Shade' Solar Shading Cedar and the newly designed Lattice S-01035 slim line LED strips by VML". The final result is a highly aesthetic LED louvers cable to create a full color video media façade surface whilst match the strict environmental, mechanical, optical and electrical requirements of the project

Final project completion is scheduled for 2015.

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