VML-Technologies awarded prestigious contract to implement unique design by Richard Hutten Studio

Rabo-News-122010/10/07   VML-Technologies have been awarded the contract for the iconic shaped media display system for the, so called, "Espressobar" for the new headquarters building of the Rabobank, currently under construction in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Espressobar is the idea of renowned Dutch designer Richard Hutten who won a design competition organised by the Rabobank.

The Espressobar media display system has the shape of an inverted flared cone has a diameter of approx 5m at the bottom and extending to a 10m diameter at the top. The concept design created a serious challenge for the involved project team of the Rabobank since it was not obvious at all how to actually implement the idea.

"The visit of the team members to the VML-Lab in Eindhoven was certainly crucial in the sense that they all realised they had finally found their solution" according to Geoff Lunn, Managing Partner at VML-Technologies. "We could demonstrate to them the effect of diffusing pixels with different types of semi-diffused membranes with a few mock-ups. At the same time we literally designed the rough outline of the required product together with the client, anticipating their various practical requirements with regards to weight, physical dimensions, light intensity, power consumptions etc".

The media system will be delivered to the integrator in February and the final system commissioning and launch is planned in the middle of April 2011.

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