VML-Technologies invited to present at the Façade Design & Engineering summit in Qatar, Middle East, Feb 23-25 2014

Logo-Qatar-News-052013/11/17   Novel, iconic, sustainable and culturally specific building facades will define the future landscape of the Middle East. The continuous strive towards more efficient façades, innovative techniques and higher quality materials also stimulate the next phase in design and delivery of LED Media Façade technology. Now in its 6th year, the Façade Design & Engineering Middle East Summit has grown to become the premier forum for the industry to showcase state-of-the-art building façades and beyond.

As a leading player in the field of integrated LED Media Façade technology, VML-Technologies are invited to present and participate at the 2014 year event. The summit is structured as a direct dialogue between international industries and the high-rise development and contractor community to promote world class building facades. LED Media Façades systems play a crucial role in showcasing the design of iconic building façades. It must be impactful yet sustainable and perfectly integrate with the building design and its surroundings. VML-Technologies will present the innovative custom design approach of unique LED Media Façade solutions and explain specific designs for a number of recent projects.

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