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VML-Technologies are regularly commissioned by clients involved in the various stages of development of LED Media Façade and Mediatecure projects, including architects, lighting designers and end-users. Our extensive experience amassed over many years and projects enables us to provide expert consultancy. VML have the experience to translate initial project thoughts into firm functional and technical specifications.


    VML-Technologies start with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper when clients introduce and explain their initial ideas. Step-by-step, together with our clients, we start to translate thoughts into an actual product design and visualize the proposed solution for the specific project carefully taking into consideration both optical and constructional conditions. The constructional conditions and restrictions need very careful evaluation since they, to a large extent, determine the required custom design in terms of product shape, form and dimension.


    Once the project design is agreed upon and thoroughly evaluated versus the specific structural and optical requirements, the actual detailed electrical and mechanical engineering can begin. Based on the LATTICE technology platform the required LED product is easily engineered. The final mechanical design is carefully discussed and evaluated with architects and structural engineers in order to guarantee a proper fit. In parallel the necessary premium quality components are carefully selected in order to match the specific product design criteria (for example for water and dust ingress, heat, brightness, etc…)


    In order to realise a successful project, many different elements must seamlessly blend together. Since most projects are large and involve significant budgets, clients need to evaluate all aspects of the project prior to the actual order and installation. VML provide quick prototyping services to facilitate the configuration of a realistic mock-up to allow architects and contractors to check that all elements match and fit together correctly. Prototyping is an essential and valuable service which allows detailed design proving, certification and performance evaluation of custom designed products prior to volume manufacturing.


    All VML-Technologies products are designed and manufactured using premium quality components capable of operating in the harshest outdoor environmental conditions. VML products are engineered to bring out the best in state of the art LED technology and all of our products are designed for a very long working lifetime, with minimal cost of ownership. Our products can withstand wide temperature ranges, the harshest levels of solar UV radiation, and the most extreme weather conditions due to our true IP66 ingress protection rating. All VML LATTICE products comply with internationally recognized standards.


    Depending on the installation logistics of a specific project, VML-Technologies might pre-assemble, pre-wire and test system elements “off-site” in The Netherlands. All local on-site installation activities are executed and coordinated by a local, authorised, VML-Technologies integration and installation partner. A designated VML project engineer will provide support and guidance to the local partners and will be present at critical times such as during final system commission.


    VML-Technologies work closely with a network of qualified local partners for installation, service and maintenance. Our well trained and experienced service partners provide 1st and 2nd line service support and provide annual preventive maintenance services. Via our network of local partners we take care of our clients in their own time-zone and can provide a quick response and on-site support depending on the exact Service Level Agreement made. Local service partners are supported from the VML headquarters in The Netherlands for 3rd level service issues and spare parts management

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