VML-Technologies wins contract for design and delivery of the largest integrated LED video screen in Europe

THT-News-102011/02/14   The largest housing corporation in the Netherlands , Vestia, has entrusted the design and delivery of the largest integrated LED video screen in Europe to VML-Technologies BV. The video screen is 276m2 in size and 80 meters in height, and is fully integrated into the glass facade of the "top Serre" or conservatory of the 'Strijkijzer Building' in The Hague. The screen will be visible from more than one kilometer away.

The project is unique in the Netherlands , but also in Europe , not only because of the large size of the screen, but also because of the totally integrated design. The required LatticeTM LED strips were designed by VML-Technologies specifically for the project, to fit exactly inside the window frames. The integrated design of the screen will also provide a transparency level of more than 70% such that there is an unobstructed view outside for users of the building. The intensity of the LED strips is also such that the screen will be perfectly visible during the day.

The contract was awarded to VML-Technologies after a very careful selection process carried out over a two-year period by Ceres, the project office of Vestia. During this period, detailed discussions took place between VML, Ceres and AAArchitecten, the original architects of the building. VML were required to provide several demonstrations during this period both in their VML-Lab'' in Eindhoven , and on location in The Hague . VML also produced a number of prototypes of the LED strips for evaluation, including detailed measurements of the effects on light output of the glass windows in the conservatory of the Strijkijzer. Finally, VML-Technologies also created a video animation which provided an accurate impression of the final result.

"We are closely involved in both the design and realization of large LED media facade projects in many other parts of the world, however, it is fantastic that we are now able to work on the first project of this size in the Netherlands", said Johan Muijderman , Director of VML Technologies. "We are very happy that Vestia has chosen our integrated solution where the architecture and appearance of the Strijkijzer is not affected. Everything will be completely invisibly integrated into the existing building facade."

The installation work is planned to begin in July and completion is planned for late August 2011. The project construction and installation will be performed by partners MK2 Audiovisueel and Armada Outdoor.

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