VML-Technologies awarded the order for a radical new concept for a 265 sqm LED Mediatecture solution for emporium mall in Australia

EMP-News-182013/05/20   In August 2012 VML-Technologies were approached by the developers of the iconic new Emporium shopping mall complex in the centre of Melbourne, Australia to consult on the design of a large LED Media Facade. Following a thorough project study It became clear to the design team at VML that the project required the development of something radically different to other LED Media Façade installations.

The Emporium Shopping Mall in Melbourne features a façade which is heavily based on a diamond shaped beam structure, with arrays of diamond cladding panels surrounding the proposed media façade location. For the required media façade, the design brief was simple, but clear; the display should stand out from the crowd by truly blending with the architecture of the building, whilst maintaining premium image quality as demanded by discerning advertisers and media creators. The VML-Technologies design team therefore proposed a custom LED Media Façade display based on lightweight and transparent diamond shaped LED matrices which would retain the diamond motif across the whole façade.

Each diamond shaped LED matrix would be 12 pixels square, with a diagonal pixel pitch of 37.5mm, with triangular shaped panels creating a straight line around the edges of the display and, crucially, at the corner of the building where two halves of the display, east and north, would meet. The daylight visible display will be roughly 10m high covering a total area of approximately 265sqm.

Following the official design order in late 2012 VML-Technologies have developed and manufactured a 5 sqm mock-up which was demonstrated to the clients in Melbourne in March 2013. The result was judged by a large delegation from the client, including local consultants and builders. The resounding success of the demonstration resulted in VML receiving the order for the complete display in the middle of May 2013.

Final completion and commissioning of the LED Media Façade is scheduled for Q1 2014.

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