VML-Technologies welcomed as new member of Dutch Sports Infrastructure group

DSI-News-192013/10/15   The Dutch Sports Infrastructure (DSI) is a platform for Dutch companies that brings together industrial and management expertise for stadiums and other sports facilities. Members are experts in their line of business and focus on integrated solutions. Experts can advise on optimising processes and management of sports facilities and stadiums. Through integrated processes from the first design to management and exploitation, stadiums can be turned into profitable multi-purpose event venues. Dutch companies have a strong industrial heritage. System suppliers develop technological products that contribute to high quality systems for optimising safety, energy efficiency and the best customer experience. Members of Dutch Sports Infrastructure also offer their expertise to international customers.

Alongside major Dutch multinationals like Philips, BAM, VDL and Tencate, VML-Technologies now complement the DSI group portfolio. The custom designed LED Media Façade and “Mediatecture” technology by VML-Technologies provides a high-end solution to the growing demand in the market to ‘medialize’ the exterior and interior of sport facilities and stadiums and establish ‘entertaining and communicating buildings’. In close cooperation with owners of sports facilities, architects, video and lighting designers and construction engineers, ideas and concepts are translated into high quality LED based products and installations.

VML-Technologies products are sold, installed and maintained by a network of qualified partners. The company founders have been involved in the LED displays and creative lighting market since the early nineties and have gained a wealth of experience through various large scale project installations including the O2 Arena in London UK, the 2006 FIFA World Cup “fanfest” featuring large displays in all major cities in Germany, the Phillies Ballpark in Philadelphia USA, the Taipei Arena in Taiwan, the Vienna Stadium Center in Austria, Chelsea FC in London UK and Marseille Olympique Stadium in Marseille France.

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